Mulberry Street Coffee House

Located on James Street North is Mulberry Street Coffeehouse. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere along with great drinks and a variety of menu choices makes Mulberry one of my favourite coffee places of all time.

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The Burnt Tongue

The Burnt Tongue is easily one of my top 5 favourite restaurants in Hamilton. It is likely the restaurant that I frequent the most. The creativity, real ingredients and overall experience at this little restaurant are what keeps me coming back.  

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I am a frequent visitor to Culantro over on King William Street. I cannot get enough of the quinoa stuffed croquettes! I could make this whole post about the croquettes, but there is so much more offered at this cookery. If you are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, meat-etarian, or anything in between, Culantro can provide you with a solid meal.

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Earth to Table Bread Bar

Earth to Table Bread Bar is hardly an unknown local eatery in Hamilton and for good reason. It is consistently good ingredients used to make well prepared food with new creations that keep people coming back. Read More