Muskoka’s Best Farmers Market in Gravenhurst, Ontario


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FSH N CHP - Hamilton Food Tours4

FSH & CHP, HAMBRGR’s sister next door, opened a couple of weeks ago in Hamilton. This is our newest fish and chips joint that offers plenty of options.

Batter: classic beer batter, panko breaded or gluten free batter.

Fish: cod, atlantic haddock, sole or the vegetarian option of haloumi. Don’t like fish? Ok you can get chicken strips.

That’s right. Fish haters, vegetarians and gluten free-ers can enjoy FSH & CHP!

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Born and Raised Raises the Bar

IMG_0199 (1)

There was a lot of buzz last night since the news hit social media that Born and Raised was ready for their soft opening, Friday, July 8 at 5:00 p.m.  A small group gathered outside (myself included), waiting patiently for the time to arrive and the door to open.

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Southern Smoke Barbecue House

Southern Smoke BBQ House (8)

With 10 beers on tap, homemade Mac n’ Cheese, smoker-finished BBQ beans, and the most delicious locally-sourced meats which are smoked in an authentic apple and cherry wood-fired smoker, Southern Smoke Barbecue House on Ottawa Street is a mecca for BBQ lovers.

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Toast Wine Bar

Toast Wine Bar (4)

Toast is a wine bar that has recently opened up on John Street North in downtown Hamilton. Toast has filled Hamilton’s “wine bar gap” perfectly – beautifully decorated, great menu selection, excellent service, well priced, and it fits anyone’s taste.

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